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Stop wasting your time at the gym and start moving with a purpose! Improved performance and pain-free lifting is accomplished through carefully manipulated training variables and intelligent overload of your body's current capabilities. My training programs provide both, ensuring you that every movement made is a movement toward your fitness goals.


Step 1

Purchase a workout program

Step 2

Check email for confirmation and TrainHeroic invitation containing access code

**Note: Invitation emails are sent manually and are generally sent within 1 hour of purchase, but could take up to 1 business day. Thank you for your patience**

Step 3

Download TrainHeroic app from app store

Step 4

Create your profile in the app and then enter access code to connect



Nate Nigh

Why? This one-word question would alter my perspective on training forever. I was asked this over 7 years ago on my first day as an intern on the University of Montana Athletic Performance Staff, and the importance of asking "why" would ultimately be more significant than any other tool in my training. It is the idea that if it cannot be justified, it should not be included. By asking myself why, I am able to navigate through all the gimmicks and false information that clouds the industry to instead focus on what works and what is sustainable. I know now that the foundation every fitness goal is built upon is being strong, moving well, and that the combination of the two is the secret to lifelong fitness, yielding lifelong results.

Knowing the answer to "why" is the standard regarding all my work. Due to this, coupled with my background and education, I am confident that I can give you top of the line personal training services, unmatched by anyone else. Together we will help you achieve life-changing, sustainable fitness habits that will not leave you battered and beaten, but rather refreshed and rejuvenated. When training with me, it is more than just movement, it is movement with a purpose. Join me now to begin your journey to building a stronger, better you.

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